Weight Loss Coaching

Weight Loss Coaching

Have you spent the last ten, twenty, or thirty years focused on everyone and everything but your own personal self-care? Maybe the weight just doesn’t come off as easily as it did before, and the tricks that use to bring your body back just aren’t working anymore. You find that time has caught up with your body, and you now look in the mirror and know it is time to take action and put yourself first! You are ready to fit back into your favorite pair of jeans!

As adults reach mid-age, the mid-section-spread is very common. Men know this all too well, but women also start to experience weight gain around the middle as they enter menopause. The metabolism declines and hormonal levels shift, making it much more likely to add inches where you don’t want them.  There is no doubt about it, losing weight in mid-life is more challenging than it was in your twenties or thirties, but it is achievable! You have to take the focus away from calories alone. The key to fat loss after forty is learning how to eat for hormonal balance, and learning what foods work for your body and which ones don’t. Once you master how your body responds to food, you will see the needle move on the scale, and the muffin top melt away!

Weight Loss Coaching is designed to educate and motivate you to make the necessary dietary changes to start losing weight, and keep it off. Shana works with your current eating and lifestyle, so that you make incremental changes over time rather than radical shifts. By working in this way, you are much more likely to turn these healthy changes into life-long habits.

You will start with an Initial Nutritional Evaluation where Shana will talk to you about your health and diet history, your health goals, and review your current diet. She will then start to create an individualized nutrition plan tailored to your health and weight loss goals. You will be given eating ideas, snack ideas, a grocery list, and given guidance on keeping a food journal. You will be keeping a food journal over the time for which you work with Shana, so she can analyze your diet, give you feedback, and see if you are implementing the changes she suggests. Shana serves as part educator, and part coach. She is there to not only hold you accountable to yourself, but also find the dietary strategies that will work for your body, and get you the results you desire. If you are a Seattle resident, and meet in person, Shana will suggest body fat testing to obtain a baseline on your body composition, as well as a test mid-way through, and at the end of the eight week period.

After your Initial Nutritional Evaluation, you will have four follow-up visits over the course of the eight weeks. During your follow up visits, Shana will review your goals and diet to see what changes you have implemented since you last met. She will brainstorm with you about strategies to overcome dietary or mental obstacles you might encounter, and she will answer any questions you might have. A portion of your follow-up meetings are spent on education, teaching you about what changes you should make in your diet and why so that you might not only make sense of the nutritional information, but implement it into your lifestyle with ease. Shana gives you lots of ideas on foods to eat, and she keeps in mind that most people are pressured for time, so it is her goal that you don’t spend hours in the kitchen. She will coach you on how to spend just enough time in the kitchen to prepare easy, wholesome meals that work for your body. It is also part of Shana’s philosophy that each person enjoy their food. So if you are someone that just has to have some ice cream, and your body can tolerate it in small amounts, she will help you find a way to include it, without sabotaging your success.

Weight Loss Coaching  — $695

  • 5 sessions over 8-weeks, including:
  • One 90-minute Initial Nutritional Evaluation
  • Four 60-minute Nutritional Follow-Up Consults
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan and Supporting Educational Materials
  • Unlimited email support
  • *Seattle clientele may add body fat testing for an additional fee

In a nutshell, you will start with an Initial Nutritional Evaluation where Shana will review your health and diet history and get you going on a personalized nutritional action plan to ignite your body into fat burning mode. Follow up on a bi-weekly basis (as your schedule allows) to review your progress, get feedback on your dietary changes, load up on more healthy ideas to implement, and educate yourself about the nutritional changes you are making. You receive four follow-up consults. Are you ready to lose weight, and keep it off?

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