How it Works

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Shana works both in-person and virtually with her nutrition clients. What does this mean? It means you do not have to leave the comfort of your home to work with Shana! You get all the benefits of her counseling without the commute or hassle of parking. This is primarily accomplished through telephone or online tele-medicine  counseling sessions, and with the help of the internet. For clients who live in Seattle, in-person visits are definitely an option, and suggested for the initial consultation and some follow-ups visits. For these clientele, meeting one-on-one can be of benefit because it helps to establish your relationship with Shana and she can take measurements and do body fat testing if applicable. If you don’t live in Seattle, have no fret, your work together will be just as impactful.

If you choose to work with Shana, you will begin counseling with an Initial Nutritional Evaluation. She will review your goals, medications, supplementation, weight and diet history, health history, and your food record, which is kept prior to your first visit. Shana then creates a dietary action plan and strategy program based on your individual needs. You will leave the session not only with this detailed action plan, but also with eating ideas, grocery lists, recipes, and supporting materials so you can begin to implement your plan that very day! You will also have a clear direction of how your work will progress, with a suggested time-line for nutritional counseling services.

In subsequent Nutritional Follow-Up visits, Shana builds on the dietary goals you have already achieved, so that your diet is fine-tuned and improved over time. First, your dietary action plan is reviewed to see if you have been able to implement the suggested changes. She will continue to monitor your diet diary (which you keep between sessions) and give you feedback and support. Shana will also educate you about why you are making the dietary changes she suggests, explaining how food and nutrients work in your body. Education is empowering! The more you know about your body and the food you put into it, the easier it will be to make lasting change. Measurements may be taken to monitor your progress and show improvements. At the end of the visit, you will receive an updated action plan of nutritional and lifestyle change to implement in the coming weeks. Educational materials are provided so you may learn more about nutrition and how food works in your body.

Lastly, it is the ultimate goal of any nutritional intervention to create independence and ease in maintaining healthy changes. Shana provides on-going support to her clients after their initial work is completed, so that they continue to have a nutritional advocate who can answer questions and provide support in times of need.