I was introduced to Shana by a friend who understood that I was in dire need of an exceptional health care advocate. Shana took the time to get to know me and quickly equipped me to make healthier choices regarding food and exercise. My goal was to be a fat-burning machine and Shana helped me reach my phase-one goals. I love Shana’s velvet-hammer approach to coaching, education, and accountability. She wants you to succeed and will be there with encouragement, advice, and some ringside instructions just when you need it most.


I originally reached out to Shana for help with digestive issues that I had been dealing with for most of my life. I honestly thought I might be beyond help and would need to seek more invasive medical care. But Shana was highly recommended, and to be frankly honest, I was desperate for help. I had gotten to the point where I could not live a normal life due to my digestive distress. After working with Shana I am thrilled to say that I am able to eat a vast array of foods that I never thought I would be able to enjoy. I now live a normal life without any stress due to digestive issues. Shana’s warm, friendly, and reassuring manner eased my anxiety, and made it easier for me to implement the necessary dietary changes I had to make. There are no words that can describe how much I truly appreciate what Shana has done for me.


SHANA is AMAZING---She is brilliant, interesting, a great thinker and communicator, organized, calm and understanding without judgment. She shares her depth of knowledge on so many levels that it made the experience so much more than nutrition-based. Such a valuable experience...with information and philosophy that sticks with me. Great materials and thoughtfully paced and presented so that you could digest one topic before going on to the next.


I was pre-diabetic with sporadic, stinging in both feet along with severe inflammation pain. I also use to be very fatigued, and struggled to get through the day. Not any longer. My doctor says my lab work looked great, and I’m no longer pre-diabetic. My pain from inflammation has been greatly reduced after doing my dietary cleanse, and learning some healthy living tools. If a good quality of life is important to you, you should use Shana’s wealth of knowledge.


I sought out Shana’s help after being diagnosed with pre-diabetes. With her expert guidance and support, I was able to bring my glucose levels back into the healthy range without medication. At first, I had some hesitation about working with a nutritionist because I have always considered myself a healthy eater. However, what I shortly discovered after we started working together was that although I may eat better than the average American, I had A LOT to learn.

Shana is an excellent teacher, coach and listener. I don’t believe I could have achieved these results without her. There were times I was discouraged and anxious and she was always there for me. Under her tutelage, successful and healthy eating has become a habit and I no longer feel deprived. Shana’s style of sharing knowledge is extremely effective. She starts with the basics, creating a foundation from which she uses a sort of “building block” concept to take you to the next level. This strategy parsed the information in a logical sequence without data overload. Each block connected to the last and this connection made it easier to retain and apply to my life, long after our sessions were over.

One thing that stands out about Shana’s coaching style is her non-judgmental approach when working with clients. She will provide you with tools and support, but no guilt…she realizes you are human. She has empowered me to make healthy food choices to take charge of my health and well-being. I highly recommend working with Shana regardless of how well you think you are eating or how highly you regard your knowledge of nutrition. Learning from an expert, as opposed to a magazine article, is powerful and the changes you make today will improve your health and possibly prevent disease. I often wonder if I knew then what I know now, could I have prevented pre-diabetes?


I truly appreciated Shana’s knowledge base and common sense approach. She makes implementing nutritional change easy and logical with lots of good ideas about how to use new ingredients and recipes. What I learned from Shana has “stuck” with me and the best part about it was that it was easy to incorporate into my “real” life. Her supportive style and great ideas paired with accountability gave me the foundation I needed to lose over 10 pounds, and keep it off. I can honestly say that her services have been one of the best investments I have made in myself. I would certainly recommend Shana!


If you are interested in losing weight and improving your health, and are prepared to take responsibility for your nutrition decisions and exercise, Shana Hopkins can be a great help.  Shana provides a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and how various foods can either support good health and weight loss or impair it. Most importantly, she counsels in a positive, supportive manner.

I decided to see Shana about weight loss when years of gaining a pound or two a year had left me significantly overweight, with worrisome health issues. Shana completed a comprehensive intake, discussed my goals, and began a process of education, monitoring, and support that allowed me to make mindful, informed decisions about nutrition and exercise.  With Shana's help, I became more aware of what I was eating, learned to make informed decisions, and stopped "grazing".  I maintained a journal of everything I ate and drank, which helped me become aware of what I was eating, and make decisions about it.  I lost 50 pounds over several months, and my worrisome health issues disappeared.  Because of my education from Shana, the mindfulness she helped me acquire and my new eating habits, I think I will keep the weight off.

Shana's approach was important to me -- in providing information and suggestions, she was always positive, never critical, and this gave me room to internalize the changes I needed to make.  I highly recommend Shana for help improving your health and nutrition and losing weight.


In February of 2013, my doctor diagnosed me with Type II Diabetes, told me to find a nutritionist and take his or her advice. He highly recommended that I lose weight. On Christmas Day, 2012, I weighed my all-time high. Since I started consulting with Shana, in March of 2013, I have lost over 65 pounds. Even better, my A1C and my hypoglycemic index figures went from the Type II Diabetes zone back to normal within 90 days.

How does she do it? Shana is not only able to provide a diet plan, but even better she is able to educate. She knows why certain foods are bad for a Diabetic, and why certain foods are better and even good. She teaches how to read and understand food labels, how to use and maintain a diet diary, and which foods are better for you and why. Shana is an educator. She is knowledgeable. She is positive and helpful. Shana loves to teach and to implement what she teaches to her clients' better health. Best of all Shana is passionate about making healthy food fun and tasty, while taking the confusion out of nutritional information, and is helpful in finding the right foods for a healthy diet.

Shana knows what was necessary to be a successful client.
I had been on another program for years and after a while I just could not lose any weight. In fact I was gaining weight on that program. What Shana did for me, was to explain what certain types of food were doing to my body and how to adjust for these foods. Shana has been and continues to be an inspiration to me and all of her clients to make fundamental changes that have and continue to make big impacts on our lives. If I could, I would toast Shana with a double tall non-fat Latte! But no longer! However, I can still toast her with a 3.5 fl. oz. glass of wine!


I had Shana assist myself and my best friend, Sarah at a time that we were going through health changes and gaining unnecessary weight. She quickly assessed each one's goals and health concerns. She drew up a personal health/nutritional plan accompanied by lots of handouts to assist us on foods and other needs to achieve our goal. Each couple of weeks or weekly we would meet to access our progress.
She would review our food diaries and tweak what needed to be adjusted. I learned quite a bit about my bodies nutritional needs and what it operates best on. When I completed my time with her I had lost 10 pounds and went on to lose an additional 8 by myself. I have also managed to keep it off since her time with me which has been a few years. I would highly recommend her if you find yourself at a dead-end and frustrated for you weight and/or health issues.


Going on the detox diet was the best thing I could have done for myself! I decided to try it in order to lose weight and to feel healthier. The detox diet was a success on all fronts. I feel fabulous and lost 8 pounds in a month! The diet was easy to adhere to because I was never hungry and all the food I was eating was healthy and easy to prepare. At first it was hard giving up caffeine, sugar, dairy, and alcohol, but after a few days I didn't even miss it. In fact, the diet has changed the way I eat now, even though I’m no longer on the diet. I have kept eating healthy fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. I have no more cravings for sweets. Best of all, I have continued to lose weight and I have much more energy and stamina. If you are serious about doing something really good for yourself, I can't recommend this diet - which is more of a way of life - highly enough!