Blood Sugar Bootcamp

Blood Sugar Boot Camp 

Has your doctor told you that your blood sugars are outside of the normal range? Have you been told that you are pre-diabetic and need to turn things around? Maybe you were just recently diagnosed as diabetic and wish to prevent having to go on meds? Do you feel overweight and just plain worn down? If any of these questions resonate with you, then you know that it is time to focus on your health, achieve healthy blood sugars, and drop that extra 10, 20, or 50 pounds that have been creeping up over the last decade.

Achieving normal and balanced blood sugars is imperative to your health, and can be the physiological foundation to losing the weight and keeping it off for good. They go hand in hand. Reversing pre-diabetes will help your body burn body fat, and losing the weight will help balance your blood sugars. This is the time to take charge of your health, reverse those rising blood sugars, and drop those creeping pounds.

Blood Sugar Boot Camp is all about taking a deep-dive into your nutrition and health and committing to dietary change that will have an immediate but lasting impact on your blood sugars and your body. You will start with an Initial Nutritional Evaluation where Shana will talk to you about your health and diet history, your health goals, and review your current diet. She will then begin to create a nutritional plan of action specific to you that will help ignite your body into change. You will be given eating ideas, snack ideas, a grocery list, and given guidance on keeping a food journal. You will discuss why blood sugar monitoring is so important to learning about how your body responds to foods and varying carbohydrate loads and if blood sugar monitoring is a tool you should adopt. If you are a Seattle resident, and meet in person, Shana will suggest body fat testing to obtain a baseline on your body composition, as well as a test mid-way through, and at the end of the twelve week period. There is a small additional fee for this testing. Each time you meet, Shana will review your food journal and give you feedback, while educating you on what changes to make, and how to make them fit into your already busy life. A lot of time is spent on education, so you might learn about how foods affect your body, especially carbohydrates and their impact on your blood sugar control.

You receive six follow-up consultations, which are scheduled every other week or as your schedule allows. Meeting on a bi-weekly basis is suggested as it keeps you on track to implement the positive changes that produce the results you are looking for. Afterall, this is Bootcamp! Shana will hold you accountable, so be ready for some tough love. Each meeting, Shana will review your progress, give you feedback, and educate you on additional healthy strategies to implement, while brainstorming with you about your particular situation and personal health needs. Dietary supplementation is often suggested to support your body’s physiological processes to better control blood sugars. Email support is included. If you have any questions that come up for you and can’t wait until the next session, Shana is simply an email away. At the end of this twelve week period, you should have a strong education on what foods work for and against your body, how you can balance and control your blood sugars, and you’re seeing the needle move “down” the scale.

Blood Sugar Boot Camp — $949

7 sessions over 12-weeks, including:
One 90-minute Initial Nutritional Evaluation
Six 60-minute Nutritional Follow-Up Consults
Personalized Nutrition Plan and Supporting Educational Material
Unlimited email support
*Seattle clientele may add body fat testing for an additional fee

In a nutshell, you will start with an Initial Nutritional Evaluation where Shana will review your health and diet history and get you going on a personalized nutritional action plan to balance blood sugars and ignite your body into fat burning mode. Follow up on a bi-weekly basis (as your schedule allows) to review your progress, get feedback on your dietary changes, load up on more healthy ideas to implement, and educate yourself about the nutritional changes you are making. You receive six follow-up consults. Are you ready to turn your blood sugars around and drop those creeping pounds?

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